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Free Advertising For You

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OK, most traffic exchanges are a total waste of time... you bust a gut to earn credits to promote your stuff to a whole lot of other people doing the exact same thing. So basically they're sellers not buyers... so it's poor traffic and sales are few and far between. That said, these sites can be useful, for generating backlinks and real-person traffic, both of which are essential for launching a new website. And Free Advertising For You (FAFY) is one of the very few I'll use for just that purpose. They offer a great package of free ads for new members, plus if you take a little time to earn the 'Activity Points', you can put your page into their rotator for some excellent early exposure. (It's worth upgrading just to extend your listings in that!)

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Cash In On Banners

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Websites don't get much uglier than this one, but somehow it works! It's a simple viral format that you'll see copied all over the place, but this is one of the originals... and somehow the 1990s look seems to work better than any of the flash new versions I've tried! To put it to work you simply visit each of the six the listed websites, and then you can add your own. You send traffic, and as people sign up, your downline grows exponentially... and everyone who follows you in will have to view your chosen webpage. Simple but effective... And it can actually be quite profitable as well. If you take the one-time $10 upgrade, you are eligible for unlimited payments as your downline grows. It takes a little while to get going, but once it starts, it's virtually unstoppable. To get serious traffic from this you do have to put the work in to get things moving... so if you're going ot do that, it makes sense to grab the upgrade and get paid for your efforts!

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