@Slayy Point's Last Now Memeing Episode ft. @Triggered Insaan & @Mythpat | Netflix India

Now Memeing is a 100% original, authentic, innovative, Asia #1 memelord Netflix meme review show hosted by Slayy Point. In this episode, we rewind the clock and look back at some of the most memorable moments of 2020 through memes.

Quick Guide:
00:00 Good Bye Slayypoint
00:30 2020 Ka Review
00:50 Meme Calendar
01:05 Struggles of PPE
01:35 Mythpat Hijack
02:03 Dalgona Coffee
02:47 No More BINOD
02:57 TriggeredInsaan Hijack
03:31 Seema Taparia
04:08 Rasode Mein Kaun Tha
04:34 The Dance Party ft. Cat
04:51 Bhopugang Awards
05:46 Comments Review
06:35 Mythpat Hijacks Again
07:00 Slayypoint’s Master Plam
07:54 Top 10 Now Memeing Moments
08:43 Vaccine Unboxing
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