Ripple XRP: The Truth NOBODY wants to hear

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  1. Oz what’s up 🥶

  2. Hey OZ. What are the chances of you doing a video on how IOT/ IOV /ILP all work together in addition to how upgrading bandwidth is going to "speed things up" and really bring this technology to the people.

  3. The truth about XRP is it will be the one world currency that goes hand in hand with the NWO elites that will keep the public poor, The reason they want everyone to invest in XRP is because it will not make you rich! they do not want rich people so they will do what they can to say all other crypto currencys are bad.

  4. Would love to see that cash out strategy video for fellow aussies 😉

  5. Disagree if 1BN in BTC is sold, yes, the market will crash BUT it will be bought up by other buyers… in my opinion let it happen because it will lead to more BTC to go around…

  6. Well done, Oz!

  7. The man speaks truth, just plain and simple truth

  8. 1000 out of 2000? You mean 1900 of 2000. Of which maybe 10 will succeed.

  9. 50k XRP will be life changing in a few years or never!

  10. XRP massive breakout… from 25 cts to 26 cts today lol…XRP is an exchange token, not a store of value as such. Moneygram and Visa debit card is rumored to potentially use XRP, but there is no evidence of that being the case. Even IF, that would confirm XRP as just a exchange token with a value similar to 1 unit of fiat , being USD or Euro…

  11. Great video man. Thank you.

  12. Great info. But where do you see xrp settling when fully adopted? What is that xrp price range after mass adoption…

  13. People consider Bitcoin a Ponzi because the cost to run the network goes up linearly with the price(except for a halving every 4 years).
    That is the flaw that massively trumps all others. The cost of the network can't continue to go up like that, but people want the price of btc/$ to more than double every 4 years.

  14. Good points Oz! We luv ya in the States! If you Oz followers want to know how the systems all work to together check out a video from Minable called: 10 Things You Should Know About XRP😊

  15. in the wild west gold rush prospectors were usually under funded and sold their claims to guys like Heinrich Schliemann who was set up as a middle man for the likes of the Rothschild, Guggenheim, Morgan, Fry and so on ( big bank )… the big bank then controlled interest in the gold rush… while Schliemann went back to Europe to first scrow the Russians and then went off to discover the lost city of Troy ( ever lost or just in the vaults of the big banks ??? ) … crypto is not much different … 2000 + prospects being manipulated by the big elitist control freaks ( daemon ) …. carry on – imo

  16. 5:00 if true… then likely playing mid to long term future contracts to hedge btc ( or alt ) makes sense … in order to take advantage of these daemon controlled market spikes.. imo

  17. Bashing Bitcoin won't make demand for XRP any bigger. Bitcoin has been accepted by institutions (Bakkt, Fidelity, etc) and there are no talks of an XRP ETF. Whether or not Bitcoin will become Myspace and XRP over taking it as the Facebook remains to be seen. Although technology speaks in favor of XRP the adoption of Bitcoin will make it remain the king for the foreseeable future. The network effect of Bitcoin, IMO makes the technology/mining/carbon issues moot points. Hedging with investments in both really is the smartest investment strategy, things will not always go the way they should nor the way you would want them to, admitting we have no idea where thing will go and are betting on the best probable outcomes is about taking away any biases you have.

  18. Chinese Bamboo…

  19. Great show OZ. Good info. Cheers!

  20. You saying The same thing in every video …Come on ..progress! !

  21. Does Australia have a immigration problem ?
    Does Australia like Avi ? He is Jewish guy who calls out Muslims trying to change your culture for the absolute worst.
    When will Australia stand on it's on 2 feet and break away from the chains of Great Britain?

  22. Excellent explanation video on the difference of utility in xrp and bitcoin.

  23. Excellent! I really got a lot out of this.

  24. No one knows what this shit is going to do, and I mean NO ONE. I have more than I should have purchased, and hopefully I'll see $.50 again. If so, I'm cashing in, paying off my single wide and taking a trip to Panama City Beach, FL.

  25. The truth I only hate, Ripple dumping 🙁

  26. BTC due to the high per coin value is a human crated "economic life form"; it cant be compared to anything before it, & due to its valuation, nor can it be compared to any crypto since BTC. Comparing an economic life form to Myspace or yahoo, or any corporation that bubbled and popped is ignorance of what BTC actually is. BTC is nothing but its value; and its not going away. It's still in the womb, and, it will be born soon. You haven't seen nothing yet. which is why you're so confused about what BTC actually is.

  27. the pace and hash power, via Proof of Work, can be argued to keep BTC more secure…

    I do like LTC (faster, still fairly secure) and I really like RVN (Raven) – which is faster, bigger supply and ASIC resistant – in theory more distributed.

    XRP is fast and efficient (power wise), yet is it really secure?
    I like this, though it is a bit slanted. I do see XRPs use case.
    Also, one possibility against XRP's value – if say several large banks default do to the derivative bubble, the could be forced to sell all assets they own – including any XRP assets on hand… crushing the price down.

    BTC, biggest flaws!!!

  28. How to beat a competitor: Blame everything on China

  29. @ozcrypto mate love the video you really covered some BIG things here and opened my eyes!! But a question on regulations, is this a American regulation consensus or more wider consensus that is required here? From my point of view i see it as the American flood gates. Great video, +1 to more follower based question video follow ups.

  30. Oz crypto, appreciate the content never over hyped, realistic. And looks like you are about to hit Bondi , looking slick mate.🏖

  31. XRP has been around for a long time now and as a digital asset is more than proved itself, as a medium of exchange its superior in almost every aspect when compared to BTC. Like you I use to think this alone was going to make XRP be # 1 and somehow BTC was going to fade away but time is giving us a reality check and most still HODLing XRP just don't want to see it what their bank accounts is telling them.

    Because the market is allocating its money where it sees value and not where the XRP's army expected it has thus set out in this futile attempt to dethrone BTC and the strategy has been to make it the Bad Boy by associating it with CHINA (The bad boys of today) but it's easy to illustrate how bias this China narrative is by applying a similar logic to XRP. "Ripple Labs a Fin-tech Firm based in the US and which controls + 50% of the supply is bad because it lies in US territory and thus the US government can shut it down" Most here are quick to jump in defence of XRP by saying "XRPL is decentralised, ripple only controls a small amount of validators" yet I'm certain the majority have never taken their time to educate themselves on why a 51% attack is also highly unlikely, but most get their info from pro XRP You-tubers so its hard to expect a balanced argument.

    Finally it is irrelevant which side you're on, the market has clearly spelled what a terrible investment thesis it is to place your money in projects based on your personal and emotional ideas instead of sound economic principles and market dynamics. In the case of XRP the biggest hurdle it has is not a technical one, or regulations, or NDA's, or the rails have to be first built. It's simply the Supply vs the Demands side of the equation is so skewed towards the Supply side price will struggle for years to appreciate in the way people are banking on. You can view it as either a continuous ICO, a Stock split where you will not get more stock but issued # of stock increases or simply cryptos own version of QE. My point is this will make XRP a highly inflationary currency for the foreseeable future.

  32. Btc is a SOV, in a digital world there will be a digital SOV and like we see today in SOVs like gold and property, Btc has the potential to be extremely valuable. Mining is changing, we see Kitao moving into mining, he has stated he will take 30% of total mining. Btc isn't trying to become a bridge asset where speed and cheap fees r the main focus, just as XRP isn't trying to be a SOV- stop comparing Btc to XRP.XRP is NOT the fastest at all- NANO is faster and cheaper. BUT when u look at the network as a whole other factors need to be taken into account and liquidity is a huge factor ! 4 second settlement time with 100 billion total supply ? in order for market takers to create enough transactions over market makers to bring some type of demand ur talking global domination of transactions- maybe never but if it is to be itll be years and years away.As the price rises less coins are needed for an Xrapid transaction meaning any demand through the settlement usecase becomes even tougher as each transaction requires less xrp. Less xrp mean more available – negative demand.

  33. So much good news around this coin but i still can't help feel we are being taken for a ride😥

  34. Have watched a lot of opinions about China, I think you’re wrong:

  35. Love your work mate, great vid!

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