Ripple/XRP News: Is Ripple Hiding The Truth?

Ripple/XRP News: Is Ripple Hiding The Truth?

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  1. It's hard to pick a winner but I think this channel is going to get my king of cope award for the month of August 2019! 🙂

  2. It's hard to pick a winner but I think this channel is going to get my king of cope award for the month of August 2019! 🙂

  3. Speculating in ideas and observations 👍

  4. 🇺🇸XRP🇺🇸🇨🇳BTC🇨🇳😎

  5. Hey, Mr. Cage! Rwanda. That one small country… — Get $ome!

  6. Loose money=Buy XRP

  7. One thing he said I absolutely agree with and unless you just tune every thing in the world out you should know too (the world is already crazy) just think about that do you really think we have access to all the information, of course not and when money is involved you should believe that we are last to have a chance to capitalize so it might be a very long time but I do think this new asset class is going to make some very rich.

  8. Keep buying, keep hodling, stay the course !!!

  9. $589 XRP will truly be life changing in the next few years…..

  10. Got a new subscriber off this one. Thanks for such amazing news. Definitely have will share and get the word out.

  11. I am investing in XRP but I just want to warn some of you guys out there that this is not by any means a 'Sure Thing'. I would be very very carful with how much money you invest into this. Don't get tunnel vision, Don't put all your eggs in one basket. All in my own opinion.

  12. Lol institutions don't even want to tuch bitcoin yet. They won't even look at xrp for another 6 years or so

  13. How many years brainwashed xrp holders will believe that ripple is hiding something great from them? Even if they are hiding – xrp by their design will stay low. They just want as many poor people to invest “penny stock” that’s how they made billions of dollars. Even if super news happens with xrp, it will still stay below $0.50

  14. Great always steady and calm.

  15. Even the people who think XRP is going to be bid don't realize HOW BIG it really could be…..might blow us all away!!!

  16. Let it go to 0,001 so i can buy more assholes. I will buy another 75000 XRP

  17. thank you very much man ,i feel better now ,Thanks to your post,peace

  18. You are doing a great job.
    You should do a review about TOKOIN. Your subscribers will love it.

  19. Im F* fed up of the stagnant xrp price – i get it , we’re not ripples customers . But we deserve some price increase for being invested after 2 years .

  20. I’m not a trader, I see this as a long term investment. I exchanged my long term savings to XRP. I believe in five years time I will get a better return holding XRP than from dollars in a bank.

  21. I’m a HODLER….see y’all on the other side!

  22. The truth is, ripple sucks!!!

  23. Research all you want. This is all cheerleading by the company's PR force. No real adoption here and there's nothing of substance. XRP will be the L7 (a 7 layer loser) of the crypto world.

  24. Have you ever done a vlog where you play the devils advocate?

  25. The time to rush and be patient?

  26. I have been hodling XRP since 1 year and will hold more

  27. funpart, IF ripple was really that good, we HAD to see it in xrp but we dont. so ripple is doing bad or they use xrp to get free money

  28. Kevin, Please address CHICO CRYPTO's damning post on Sept. 4…he provides alot of points leading to the conclusion that XRP is a scam. Thanks in advance….

  29. Amazing news and no price grow? Bitcoin with 1% of ALL this good news grow 50% minimum

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