My Lead Gen Secret: Review & Strategy

My Lead Gen Secret (MLGS) is a Daily Leads Program, that promises you 100 fresh new email leads every day for an affordable monthly subscription. There’s a few of these out there and I’ve tried most of them… always with disappointing results.

But a friend convinced me to give this one a try… and even more importantly, he suggested both a different approach AND a different attitude

And to say my results improved is an understatement. More on that later though.

For now, here’s a closer look at the program, warts-and-all, and how I’m putting it to use in my business, so you can decide if it’s worth a closer look yourself.

The Premise & The Promise

As a paying Member, MLGS promises to deliver 100 fresh new leads to your account, every single day. If you refer just one person to the program, they will double that to 200 a day… so you get 3000 or 6000 new leads every month.

The leads are generated through Co-Registrations.

That is, people opting in to various offers are asked if they’d like to hear about other offers from ‘our partners‘ as well. If they check the box they’re fed into the MLGS system.

There are 10 different lead partners feeding leads in to the system. These aren’t identified, but you can track and filter your leads by the source if you want. I haven’t needed to test this option with my strategy.

It is unclear whether other Members might get access to the same lead, but I’d hope not… since most people rely on the in-house mailer and it could cause all kinds of spam and deliverability issues if multiple people suddenly started emailing the same leads from the same MLGS email address on the same day.

MLGS provides a built-in mailer, that lets you email all your leads once every day. It’s quite quick and easy to use, so within the month you’ll be emailing 3000 leads a day with very little effort. We’ll come back to that later as well though…

Finally, MLGS has a referral program that pays out over several levels. Given that this is a recurring monthly subscription, it can be extremely lucrative for anyone who can promote it successfully.

A Quick Look at the Competition

My experiences with the competitors in this space were so bad I swore off ever using this kind of service ever again.

There’s a lot of them, all promising loads of high quality daily leads.

    • Some of the sites promise all the leads are proven buyers.
    • Others promise you their leads have money to spend on the right offer.
    • And they’ll all tell you leads have specifically opted-in and requested MMO offers.

My experience was very different.

The quality of the leads was about as bad as it could get. Open-rates were abysmal… often 1-2%… and clicks were virtually non-existent. While the rates for bounces, unsubscribes and complaints were ridiculously high.

In one instance I actually emailed these supposed opt-in leads to try and understand how they got into the system, and those who replied made it clear they had no idea and just weren’t interested.

That was when I officially gave up on this approach!

Until my friend got in my ear…

The Pros:

I was as cynical as you could get when I signed up, almost wanting it to fail so I could tell my mate “I told you so!”

Almost… another more sensible part of me had always wanted his to work… because who wouldn’t want a simple, reliable source of new leads?

And this one quickly showed it was better than the others I’d tried before

Lead Quality Is Quite Good

There’s no question, 3000 leads a month is a very tempting offer. With numbers like that… 36,000 a year! … you have a very serious marketing list where playing the numbers can be very effective

The proviso being…

Subscribers only have value if they read your emails.

That’s where MLGS is seriously out-performing any of these platforms I’ve tried in the past. After a bit of trial and error, my initial emails are getting open rates around 15-20%, sometimes as high as 30%.

So this is definitely an improvement, and when we get to the ‘strategy’ section, you’ll see it’s actually really useful.

The Lead Cost Is Very Low

The cost of this is $30 a month, so $1 a day.

With 20% open rates, that’s 20 useful leads a day… or $0.05 per Active Lead.

That is very good value in any situation, so to have them delivered to your account… no work required… I’m pretty impressed.

Obviously, there is real work required to turn those early open-rates into long-term receptive subscribers, but it’s a very affordable way to source your initial leads.

It gets even better though

As soon as you make your first referral, your daily leads double to 200… so your cost per lead is halved.

2.5 cents per Active Lead!…  it doesn’t get much better than that.

The Affiliate Program Is Very Lucrative

Recurring commissions over multiple levels… referral programs don’t get much better than that either.

It isn’t an easy sell by any means… people are justifiably wary of subscription programs… but it is quite sticky.

ie. When you do convince people to give this a try, they will stay on long term for as long as they’re getting results.

If they get stuck in and use the system, they’ve get value and stay.

If they sit on the sidelines at all, they’ll be gone after that first month.

So the proviso here is, you should have some plans in place to help your referrals get real value from the system quickly,  if you want them to stay involved.

The Cons

Unfortunately there are a few aspects of the MLGS program that I just don’t like.  I’ve developed my own work-arounds, and I’m happy to share them with you, but if they try to use it as supplied, straight out of the box I think there’s a chance you will be disappointed.

Limited Control With The Built-In Mailer

This is set up so you can only send one batch of emails per day… so it’s all or nothing.  You can’t for example, send a welcome email to the new batch for that day, then a different email to everyone else.

So most people just send one cold offer after another. They make no attempt to connect to the new subscribers and warm them up. So this has to hurt open-rates and increase unsubscribes.

I have tried various schedules to counter this. The most successful was to send a welcome email to new leads one day, and a broadcast to everyone else the next. Then repeat the process over and over, so no one got an offer email until they’d had my personal welcome.

That worked reasonably well… definitely better than cold mailing from day one… but having to do it manually is a drag.

I understand this built-in mailer was probably added for those people who wouldn’t join because they don’t have an autoresponder set up, but I don’t think it really helps anyone in the long run.

The Built-In Mailer Uses A No-Reply Address

This means there is no way for your lead s to connect back to you. For me this misses the entire point of ‘list building’… creating two way conversations so you can establish trust and authenticity. That just never happens when you ‘hide’ from your subscribers.

It also means you miss the unsubscribes and spam complaints…but maybe that’s the point!

No Useful Statistics… Especially The Negative Ones!

You will get a daily tally of email Opens and Clicks. On every platform I’ve tried, the in-house stats are always higher than when I do the emailing though my system… so if you use the built-in mailer, take those stats with a grain of salt…

The totals will look particularly good, since you’re emailing more people each time… but it’s only part of the story you really need.

You won’t have any idea of bounces, which is a pretty good indicator of the quality of the list… ie. if people are using fake addresses to opt-in you wouldn’t know. My own tests suggest suggest this is less than 5%, which is good, but you won’t get that info if you rely on the built-in mailer.

Likewise, you won’t see if people are using throwaway email addresses that they never check. These will start to kick in as their inboxes reach capacity at different times, so it’s harder to measure, but it’s still extremely useful to 1. only be emailing active subscribers and 2. know how many of them you’ve got!

No Real Detail On The Origin Of Your Leads

Perhaps the one thing I’d like to see here more than any other is some detailed info on ‘how’ the leads opted in. It would make it much easier… and more effective… when you’re trying to make a connection, if you know what they’d been told to expect!

Even better if this could be laid out by lead partner, so you know what that site was offering to get the opt-in and what they said to get the co-rego. You could them tailor your first email to their specific interest, and I’m sure you’d get an even higher level of engagement.

The System is Very Referral-Focused

Everything in the Members Area seems to focus very much on referring new users… less so on getting great value from these leads. I suspect this is largely because they expect most people to want to make some referrals fast to cover their costs. Either way it’s largely a circular self-promotion system.

That’s fine… that creates an opportunity for you and I to show people are better way to use the system… but it does mean the provided banners and email swipes are a bit tacky and won’t match the approach I’m recommending below.

It’s a pity, because I think with a couple of tweaks… in particular adding a welcome message or even a welcome series option to the mailer… this could be a really powerful tools for total newbies.

The Verdict:

No surprise here… I decided to give it a run, largely due to the nagging of my mate. He made two simple but important recommendations that finally  got me on board….

1. The first was to immediately export new leads into my own autoresponder.

This gave me total control, extensive statistics and direct contact with the leads, right from the start.

It allows me to drop new leads into a warm-up series with all kinds of useful info and free gifts, to get them looking forward to my emails and eager to click!

2. The second was to focus on the cost per Active Lead.

This should have been obvious, but I always looked at the open-rates at the other sites as disappointing… because my mindset was that I was paying for 100 responsive leads a day.

In reality, I was paying for 100 leads of unknown quality.

No one can ever promise that they’ll all be responsive.

So it’s my job to warm them up and get the number of Active Leads as high as I can

To get the cost per lead down as low as possible.

So instead of thinking “80% of these leads are crap!”

I’m now convinced that “the other 20% are a major bargain!”

In fact, with this new mindset, I’m actually wondering if some of the websites I walked away from before might be worth another try… that might an update for later on!

Of course, this is a work in progress.

Since I joined I’ve tried a number of different strategies, including a brief run using MLGS to promote MLGS.

For me that was a poor use of the leads, resulting in low open-rates that went down fast after each email, with a poor conversion rate.

If you rely on the numbers-game… sending an increasing volume of emails each day… this will get you sign ups, but I honestly believe you can do a whole lot better if you take a more strategic approach.

The Strategy Overview

This is relatively simple…

  1. I export my new leads every few days. I’m not good on anything I have to do EVERY day, so logging in once or twice a week is plenty!
  2. I have 2-3 different warm-up campaigns running. One is my best performing welcome series,  the other two are basically tests, to see if I can improve on my numbers. Every time I put 1000 or so people through one, I crunch the numbers and either tweak it or try something else entirely.
  3. These are set up in my autoresponder…  so I just drop each new batch of leads into one of the warm up campaigns, which run for about 10-12 emails over 2-3 weeks.
  4. After that I segment my readers based on their response. My system automatically moves them into one of two campaigns depending on whether or not they’re active and interested.
  5. I only promote MLGS to warmed up leads … and only as just one of several offers, and offering to share my detailed strategy guide and associated resources with anyone who joins me!
  6. Get your First Sign Up ASAP! … you double your performance with that first signup, so my first step was to set up some paid promos with other services to lock that in fast.

This approach is getting me initial open rates that are consistently over 25%.

I do start a lot slower than most of the Gurus would recommend, but I figure I’m in this for the long-haul, so I’m happy to invest some time in connecting with my new subscribers.

By the time I do start to make offers, I get some pretty good click-through rates from the emails, and very respectable conversions. Exact numbers vary depending on the offers, but they’re generally well within the range that each offer gets from my other traffic sources.

As mentioned, I do use this approach for the MLGS itself, though I am using this same slow and steady approach to build my network here.

That one isn’t particularly high on my list of priorities though… I have several of my own offers that I want to promote first… but I’m definitely making steady progress on MLGS this way.

More to the point, I’m sure anyone wanting to focus more on MLGS would enjoy even better results. (Either way you should definitely promote it hard to get that first signup… 200 leads a day instead of 100 is major!)

OK, that’s my My Lead Gen System in a nutshell.

The link below goes to a special offer I’ve put together for any of my readers who decide to give this a test run themselves.

Among other things you’ll get my detailed Strategy Checklist, so you can apply this yourself without all the trial-and-error I went through. Plus there’s a number of bonuses & resources to get you up and running with it fast… (including some free autoresponder options, in case that’s been holding you back!)

This is a paid product and it is recurring… which we all hate…  so it won’t be for everyone, but if you can see the merits of my approach and you think you can manage to work it for a month or two… to make it pay for itself… and you can see the value of a steady flow of super-cheap leads, be sure to check it out

Check Out My MLGS Bonus Package!