My Lead Gen Secret

No B.S. Exclusive Bonus Package

My Lead Gen Secret (MLGS) is a Daily Leads Program, that delivers up to 200 fresh new email leads every day for an affordable monthly subscription.

If you read my review, you'll know I don't recommend using it straight out of the box...  you'll get 10x better results if you tweak the system and take a modified approach as we outlined in our List Marketing Strategy.

This bonus package will give you additional resources so you can implement that strategy yourself, quickly and easily, so you can use My Lead Gen System to drive hundreds of daily leads into your own super-responsive List Marketing Machine!

Bonus 1. My MLGS List Marketing Strategy

Most people either build a big list or a responsive one. This strategy is all about doing both at once.

My advanced List Building Strategy Blueprint  will give you a big-picture overview of the system so you can see why each of the moving parts are essential, and how effectively they work together to attract and engage high quality subscribers on complete auto-pilot.

Bonus 2. List Marketing Machine  Checklist

Everything you need to set up your own List Marketing Machine... an automated system that will grow your super-responsive list faster than you ever thought possible.

The Checklist focuses on one simple step at a time, so any one can do this. And it makes as much as possible, entirely set-and-forget. Do it once, do it right and never go back.

This Checklist will save you months of trial and error to get the essential pieces configured and connected just right, to ensure your List Marketing Machine is ready to accept, engage and monetize all your new leads ASAP.


  • Create a Powerful Automated System
  • Generate New Leads From Any Source
  • Warm Them Up & Connect, Fast
  • Create Long-Term Engagement
  • Proven Monetization Sequences
  • Simple Set & Forget Strategy
  • Infinitely Scalable For Serious Growth


Bonus 3. Get A Full-Featured Autoresponder For Free!

Grab our custom User Manual for this incredible List & Marketing Automation Software and you'll have your own autoresponder platform that is even better than some of the most expensive autoresponders on the market.

You get all the same features, total control over your subscribers and list options...  and you'll NEVER pay a monthly subscription for an autoresponder, ever again!

This checklist will also show you how to set up your three essential List Marketing Campaigns to Connect, Engage and Monetize even the coldest leads. So this checklist will get you set up sooner and improve your results, no matter which autoresponder you choose to use.

  • Get a Pro Autoresponder For Free!
  • Quick Guide To Installation & Setup
  • Best Way to add  New Leads & Opt-ins
  • How To Warm Up Cold Leads
  • Engaging For Long Term Connections
  • The importance of Staged Campaigns
  • Simple Effective Automation
  • Tracking and Statistics Tips
  • Infinite Scaling with New Campaigns



Bonus 4.  30 Email Swipes To Warm Up Even The Coldest Leads

I've included 30 of the best emails I've used for warming up new subscribers, to make that initial connection fast... so they hang around long enough to see what I've got to offer.

Get this step right and you can grow you list of active and engaged subscribers at record pace.

There's a good mix of themes and styles, so you can pick out 4-5 that match the content you've got to offer, and then easily re-write them in your own voice for maximum impact. Then just load them into any autoresponder and you'll be ready to launch immediately!

Bonus 5. Swipes & Strategies To Fully Engage Your List

Your Warm Up Series will buy you some time, but your new leads will still have their mouse hovering over the unsubscribe link... ready to bail... so your Engagement Series is all about building a genuine connection with your readers.

We've got you covered here as well!

We've got a selection of powerful emails swipes and compelling content ideas to get you started, plus some easy to follow guidelines for adding the necessary personal touches to make this process even more effective.  This does take a little time and effort, but you will reap the rewards for years to come if you get it right!

Bonus 5. Make Money Online Email Swipes

You've done the work, you've warmed up your list and engaged with them to make a real connection... if you followed our instructions  you'll even be making a few affiliate commissions along the way...

Now it's time to step it up and seriously monetize your List Marketing Machine.

This next package of email swipes promote products and offers that can help your readers with their own businesses. So you can rewrite these with our simple mini-campaign formula to make dozens of offers to your readers, for some serious ongoing profits.

And once you see just how simple this is, you can just add your own anytime to create permanent new revenue streams.

Are You Ready To Create Your Own List Marketing Machine?

I hope you can see that this bonus package will give you everything you need to create the exact same List Builder and Email Marketing system we described in our List Marketing training.

The Strategy Guide and the Checklists will walk you through the process step-by-step...

The 3 sets of Email Swipes will let you load your marketing machine in record time...

And you'll be up and running before you know it.

Then you just start feeding in the leads from My Lead Gen Secret and watch the magic happen!

If that sounds like a fast, practical approach to building a professional and profitable List Marketing Machine, just click the link below to get started.

Set Up My Lead Gen Secret!


Once you've created your MLGS Account through my link, just email me... brad(at)nobsim(dot)net ... I'll check my referrals and send you a download link for all the bonuses!

You can then get to work on your List Marketing Machine so you can import your first batch of leads within a couple of days!