Pankaj Tripathi Roasts @Slayy Point | Now Memeing | Netflix India

Now Memeing is a 100% original, authentic, innovative, Asia #1 memelord Netflix meme review show hosted by Slayy Point. In this episode, Slayy Points reviews memes with Pankaj Tripathi and politely gets roasted in the process.

Quick Guide:
00:00 Roasting Netflix
00:32 A Wild Pankaj Tripathi Appears
00:52 Pankaj Tripathi Roasts Memers
01:18 Reverse Fan Boy Moment
01:31 Balidaan Dena Hoga
02:07 The Gardan
02:22 Germs of Wasseypur
02:43 Guruji Ka Pyaar
03:17 Slayy Point Roasted
03:37 Slayy Point Roasted Part 2
03:58 Say No To Chhapri
04:38 Mahila Helpline
05:02 Comments Review

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