New Crypto Airdrop Worth a Look…

Here’s a giveaway that’s well worth checking out.

Without getting too technical, it’s for a new crypto that looks to have a lot of potential. It’s got the lowest maximum supply of coins I’ve ever seen, at just 50,000 coins. And it’s giving away 0.2 of a coin for joining the airdrop, and another 0.2 for each referral you make.

So IF the coin is successful, a single coin could be well worth owning!

It’s also very simple to take part… just open the link below and add an Ethereum Wallet Address.

Then grab your link and share it with a few family and friends, maybe on your social media or blog etc, and you’re done.┬áIf you want to use a banner anywhere, you are welcome to use the link below to show it from my site…

If the project is a success, you could do quite well. If not, you’ve only invested a few minutes on it.

For those not familiar with Airdrops, it’s basically just a mechanism for a new coin to start to build an audience, by getting a volume of the coin out to as many different people as possible.

Then as the use-case for the coin is proven, the value of the coin starts to grow, some of those people who own it will sell, others will buy, and gradually it shows itself to be a viable project…

And if everything adds up, some of the major crypto currency exchanges will list it… and your few coins might go up considerably in value. So it’s a set-and-forget ‘investment’ that will only cost you a few minutes of you time and could end up being worth nothing at all, or if everything pans out, quite a nice payday.



  1. So where do I get the Airdrop?

    1. Sorry, try now…

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