My Lead Gen Secret

Your No B.S. Bonus Package

Congratulations and welcome aboard My Lead Gen Secret! 

This is a powerful system that will now feed unlimited email subscribers into your chosen autoresponder.

It's obviously entirely up to you how you use this platform, but I'll give you my top recommendations here, all the same...

1. DO NOT use the built-in mailer. Always export your leads into your own system so you have full control over the timing and tracking of you emails.

2. DO warm-up and engage your leads before you make any offers. These are COLD leads who will unsubscribe in droves if you try to sell too soon.

3. DO NOT expect to engage every lead. Focus instead on improving your open rates and reducing your unsubscribes... and you will get exceptional value here.

4. DO Promote MLGS immediately. Your first referral will double your daily leads, and make it even more affordable so set up some promos ASAP!

Download Your Bonuses

List Marketing Strategy (PDF)

Start here to get the big picture and understand what we're building. We'll run through the components we use and how they fit together to get the best possible results. Right click and save this to your computer.

List Marketing Machine Checklist  (PDF)

Print this out and then just start at the top and work your way through.When you get to the Autoresponder Set Up, you'll find a checklist for that below. If you decide to use Mautic, the free autoresponder we recommend, you should probably take some time to get that installed and configured before you start on this checklist. (See next step).

Autoresponder Installation & Campaign Set Up (PDF)

Your autoresponder is a key component of this system,  so you'll either need to set up an account on an existing platform, or install and operate your own. Given the recurring cost of any professional email marketing service, we strongly recommend you consider installing Mautic yourself. Either way, this checklist will walk you through the process and show you how to set up the 3 essential campaigns.

Your Email Swipes & Content Guides

The following zip files contain a large selection of email swipes and some notes on how to use them. Save the three files to your computer and extract them ready to go. You won't need all of these for each campaign, so take your time, read them all and only select those that are a good fit for your plans.

You should ALWAYS re-write these in your own voice, to match the style and message of your personal campaigns.

Warm-Up Emails | Engagement Emails | Offer Emails


Are You Ready To Make This Happen?

You now have all you need to create a powerful, automated List Marketing Machine...

It's a system that will generate on going hands free sales for you for many years to come.

It will virtually grow itself and become even more profitable over time...

Providing you with a platform to promote and profit from any offer you can imagine...

When you complete the initial work.

Most people online are looking for instant fixes and magic systems... that's why they buy in on all the BS offers that are clearly too good to be true.

You know the ones... they promise easy money with no effort,  no investment, no skills required...

Well the fact you're here tells me you know that's all a lie, and you know that those things are ESSENTIAL if you every want to succeed online.

So I hope you'll follow through NOW, get stuck in and do the work, and MAKE THIS HAPPEN.

This stuff works and it works a treat... as long as you do the work.

No magic bullets, no gimmicks, no BS...

Do the work... follow the plan... make money.


A Few Additional Resources:

If you missed our List Marketing Training somehow, you should probably look it over before you start.

If you need to get some promos for MLGS happening fast, I got some quick results sending a couple of email blasts out with 1GoldMine. I also used with BlastMyAds for a couple of solos... the results weren't quite as good but it is a bit cheaper.

Finally, if you want a power shortcut to keep it simple and save yourself a whole lotta writing...

Email Fire is a 5 week engagement campaign specifically for cold, unresponsive lists.

I have tested this on some of my own MLGS leads, and it works really well. I lost a couple more early on, but the vast majority of those who got through the first 2-3 emails were still there at the end... 4 weeks later.

I'm now testing with my own short 'warm up series' going out first and then these emails... and these results look even better.

It's a paid product, so I can't share those emails here... but it's very affordable and a great investment, so well worth a look, especially if you're in a hurry and/or aren't big on writing emails yourself!

Check Out Email Fire 2 Here