i just lost everything in crypto

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  1. NOTE: Someone is impersonating my channel and responding to comments trying to get donations. This is NOT ME. Do NOT give out any donations to anyone asking or pretending to be me. This is my only channel and username.

  2. I still think MBARI's hairy sunfish post was better… but I liked it, anyway. Still looking for that video where you show a proof that bitcoin is worth zero with or without using FOMO in the conditions.

  3. Bank deposits are the investment of the future; You get interest every year, not much, but still …

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  6. come back in 5 years, you would wish you bought bitcoin for 20000 in Dec. 2017

  7. I started dying when you said "then i bought tron" XD

  8. totally fake he held and made bank lol

  9. Don’t watch this – the guy in the video is the worst actor ever and turns out it’s a prank (not funny at all).

    Just an absolute waste of anyone’s time.

    He comes across badly as well, slightly arrogant and over acts in the role to sell his rather boring fictitious tale.


  10. Ah… Truth hurts most times but this video will save alot of people

  11. I just don't know how you could make this joke with a straight face. You are the best 😂😂.

  12. April 1st !!! man…come on i was thinking to hear any good advice here 😂👍

  13. BRUH YOU HAD ME😂😂😂

  14. bullshit – you r not even believable –

  15. dude… delete it right after april fools…

  16. I knew this was a lie since the moment he is still alive.

  17. If you invest in hype coins/tokens without doing your own research and to panic sell when price drops you will lose all money!

  18. Let's rasengan this asshole>>>> RASENGAN.
    Anyway keep up the good videos

  19. How the market right now my dude?

  20. watched this today, you totally pranked me LOL hahahah g1!

  21. Bro you totally got me😂😂😂😂😂

  22. Its all good its suppose to come back


  24. This guy is quite the actor lol

  25. Don’t worry I been scammed with my life savings and lost over 10btc

  26. He still has an Audemars Piguet 😉

  27. Graham were you being serious in this video?


  29. That’s a rough April fools…
    imagine if it was true. I literally lost everything to fucking crypto.
    I’ve tried many different entrepreneurial things over the years and this was the first time I’ve put big money into anything and lost EVERYTHING.
    Donate if you can but honestly prayers are the best donation!
    Best of wishes to everyone in life

    Help me get back goin through the cash app!🤞💯💯



  31. Listen guys there is great news for people that have lost money to cryptocurrency investment scam. fightingscams at aol dot recently recovered my life savings of about $567,600 lost to expasset. There is hope guys don't give up.

  32. yeah april fools …. a waste my time.

  33. Did you make money on bitcoin?

  34. I lost everything when robinhood crash app failed. I am literally heart broken.

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  36. I have never seen a like ratio like this on a Graham Stephan video before 🤯

  37. Fuc u I actually felt sorry for ur rich ass.

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