How Does Bitcoin Reach $100k

How does bitcoin reach $100,000 when it can’t even get back above $10,000

well in this video, I explain how it gets above $100,000 and even talk about when.

I know, i can hear everyone say that Bitcoin getting to $100,000 sounds, crazy
, but once you see where the money is being pulled from you will understand it much better.

Let me know what you think


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45 thoughts on “How Does Bitcoin Reach $100k”

  1. The government has seized bitcoin from people. Huge amounts of bitcoin have been hacked and stolen from Exchanges. I haven’t heard a solid point yet. I like bitcoin, but let’s be honest and call it what it is.

  2. There are plenty of companies that you can use gold digitally and some are adopting blockchain technology. Offshore accounts provide privacy and low taxes on capital gains. It really sounds like you’re promoting tax evasion through bitcoin… Or you are purposefully leaving out information to strengthen your argument to people that do not know better. Offshore banks are fine as long as you paid taxes the government won’t have the right to seize your money.

  3. Most people who rely on Youtube for Crypto Education are 95% Virgin Traders. You lost, its over….

    HODL…learn how to spell, before you even touch the fundamentals of Investing. This guy does’t have 100Ms, let alone he’s successfull with Investing in Bitcoin.

    PLEASE SAVE YOURSELVES KIDS, ECONOMY and/Or market Crash is coming. Dont be fooled

  4. Interesting points. Most people only talk about the amount if transactions on the Bitcoin network as a measure of value, which would correspond to your “currency” item, but as you correctly pointed out, there are more use cases for Bitcoin, some of them potentially having even bigger impact.

    One important thing that needs to get mentioned though is that in your video you talk mainly about what happens when the habits of people currently in charge of the wealth change (eg investors who currently have their money offshore move it to BTC instead of keeping it offshore) -> and then we are only talking about “5-10%” reallocation.

    What’s important to consider is that we are getting very close to a massive wealth transfer between generations where the new people who will be managing the assets already grew up in the digital era and would therefore be completely comfortable holding MOST of their portfolios in digital assets.

    If that happens, we’re not talking about BTC mkt cap being multiple trillion. We’re talking about the price of single BTC being close to a trillion.

  5. No chance Bitcoin hits more than 20K. Wake up everyone! Many followers (Mcfee including) tells those lies to attract (new users) more idiots to invest into Bitcoin. Bitcoin has an old technology . Simply said, it is difficult for miners to mine new blocks of Bitcoin as it requires new and stronger technology and a huge amount of algoritmic calculations (including huge amount of electricity). This is not very beneficial for miners because, by approximately every 4 year there is bitcoin halving which gives miners less and less reward for every block they mine. Right now it is 25 bitcoins per block but after May 2020 it will be only 12.5 bitcoins per block which have to be diversified for more than couple hundreds thousands miners. Even though the scarcity of bitcoin available for trading will decrease so the demand increase, it might theoretically increase the bitcoin price but old technology and its safety might not sustain the huge amount of new bitcoin traders .

  6. Video makes great sense, if i had any doubt to invest more into bitcoin, its gone now! I can see why ppl would move their money to other sources like gold or bitcoin, even if its just for new saving purposes. Better save money on your bitcoin wallet then in a bank account

  7. I love bitcoin, love blockchain tech. But what do you say to the argument that if the market crashes and the dollar tanks, that investors and the general population wont flood to an intangible digital currency that DOES have a volatile price history? How likely is it that cryptobugs (including myself) will be wrong about how many large players see BTC as a safe and dependable hedge against rapid inflation?

    I think bitcoin's biggest undeniable flaw is that the value IS completely subjective, so there's no guarantee cryptos wont crash as people sell to cover the costs of losing their jobs/incomes etc during an economic downturn.

    Gold is different because it's widely considered by EVERYONE to be SOME sort of store of value, whereas there are TONS of people who incorrectly view BTC as an investment stock rather than currency.

  8. If I had a nickel for all the nickels in the world… I’d have all the nickels…

    In the world!

    What if 100% of wealth was in bitcoin and then we proceeded to forget about making food. Then we all die.

    I guess there is a downside to bitcoin upside.

  9. A Swiss Bank is a Bank as all other Banks i.e. Predators.!!! Bitcoin is better than that, though not 100 % sure as Banks are neither.!!! I have more faith in Crypto than in the Banking system.

  10. @mark moss it is refreshing to hear someone teaching about financial independence talking about silver, gold, and bitcoin. I have a couple of questions maybe you can make a video on.
    1. What are your thought on other cryptocurrency? Do you think people should diversify with crypto’s other than just bitcoin?
    2. Most people say that in order for cryptocurrency to take off, people actually need to use it in day-to-day transactions regularly so it can become a currency. Do you think we should ‘HODL’ or should we be trying to use at least a portion of our crypto holdings for daily transaction to help it take off?

    Great videos, I’ve only just discovered you and you are the first financial YouTube channel I’ve subscribed to because I like the way you teach about financial independence.

  11. Good spruiking but I still need convincing that cryptos are a true store of value (this the key question).
    In my opinion they’re not genuinely scarce, this is due to shear number of coins being issued, it seems to be infinite how many new coins there can be.
    Unlike digging huge holes in the ground to get a pathetic yield of Gold, Silver or whatever, it seems like some techs can just write a bit of code, push a few buttons & boom! . . there’s another Coin on the market ! @&%#$*
    I get that cyrpto has huge potential as an effective medium of exchange and possibly a unit of account (if it was stable), but the scarcity that is claimed is a bit of a farce when compared to an actual commodity, Gold, Silver, Rice, Oil etc. . .
    I also disagree that cryptos are outside the reach of government, ultimately the government can control the internet if it needs to (think China or just the surveillance capitalism that we now have in the west, if I’m connected they know everything about me, everything!)
    It would seem likely that some sort of Government sanctioned digital blockchain based technology will replace paper money/cash but how does Bitcoin or any of the others feature in that play? surely Government will just launch their own sovereign blockchain based crypto, what am I missing here?

  12. Unfortunately this is what fools thought as it crept up to 20 large… it will come the day that all crypers dread and all the pushers, those who think they know something, especially instruments as such with zero historical data, see where economic fundamentals clashing with brain dead monetary policy bring about its expungement… you are the pump and dump sort perhaps…

  13. Thank you, for this valuable information. I just came across your channel yesterday and it’s awesome information. I moved from the US to Greece last year, where the average salary is 709 euros a month. BTC is something that many are looking at but believe they can’t afford. My take…you can’t afford not to invest at least has long term payoffs, assuming you don’t hit the panic button every time it drops.
    Looking forward to checking out more of your content.

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