Ethereum Vs. Bitcoin: What Sets Them Apart? | CNBC

Cryptocurrency Ether could potentially prove more lucrative than Bitcoin. It’s been flying in Bitcoin’s shadow, but investors are taking notice of its powerful financial technology.
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Ethereum Vs. Bitcoin: What Sets Them Apart? | CNBC


42 thoughts on “Ethereum Vs. Bitcoin: What Sets Them Apart? | CNBC”

  1. ETH is centralized and controlled. They have already manipulated their ledger to reverse monetary transactions. If you hold ETH you are trusting corporations with your money. If you hold BTC you are trusting yourself and no one can take your BTC away from you because it is DECENTRALIZED. Corporate shills will never explain the centralization issue. You don’t need block chain for smart contracts if your platform is centralized. Just use a database! The true value of bitcoin is that it cannot be tampered with, unlike all the other currencies available (not just crypto currencies). All alt coins will eventually go to $0 because everything they do can be done in immutable fashion on the one true blockchain: BITCOIN (the people’s money)

  2. Come on, those two are like duet))) It reminds me of a last discussion in our app, traders were almost fighting, lol. Come check it out in our CrypTalk you can chare your thoughts and experiences and even Trade right in the app, our First Blockchain community is the safest place for your trades! Download " CrypTalk" on all platforms!

  3. Litecoin usually LEADS before BTC rather than follows it. Research that fact. Also… Bitcoin Cash has the same effect on new customers of Coinbase when they first enter the world of crypto. They see the price of Biction, and get turned off, but when they see that Bitcoin Cash (which is right below it on the coinbase page) is one 10th of the price, a lot of people just buy the bitcoin Cash instead. (for the same sort of reasons they buy Litecoin as well.) And I remember months ago when my colleagues discouraged me on entering the crypto market with my enthusiasm over litecoins, i purchased over $2,000 worth of ltc with no idea on how to trade or utilize them, due to researches i made on youtube i was lucky to meet with a trade expert, Mr. Ramirez Benson, at ( Ramirezbensonn@gmailcom ) who taught me how to trade and earn with real live signals and i have increased my wallet from 2,000 to 10,000 with his guidance following the rise, that would be 300% return profit, i am so loving this strategy and the current nature of cryptocurrencies right now.

  4. The whole point of bitcoin is to hide your transactions. All other coins are like having a bank account. Instead of paying taxes and maintenance fees you are charged a percentage every time you move your coin. Governments and the authorities can track your transactions still. Its not safe in that aspect. Why have ethereum then? Just get a bank account. Whats the difference?

  5. Bitcoin and etherium are both essential tools but simple-minded people need a Binary view of ALL things…If a Kindergarten view is the only way most people can view their Universe, then eventually they will find themselves there long AFTER anyone who harbors any level of awareness whatsoever… These two Ledgers are already firmly Established.

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