Ethereum: Risk management with buying and selling


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33 thoughts on “Ethereum: Risk management with buying and selling”

  1. Have you applied your risk formula to other assets to see if it's a leading indicator there as well? Otherwise you may have just manipulated the numbers for these specific run ups.

  2. Benjamin, as a maths whizzy. Can you do a video on Hypothetical. I have $1000 of Eth, should it rocket to $5000 per Ethereum. What would my profit be if it goes up by an average %%% per day until it reaches $5000??????

  3. Thanks for sharing unique outlook, you're providing great value 👍 I would love to take a look at this risk formula if it's not something you want to keep private.

  4. While the 4 year market does seem plausible I'm not really convinced either. Another thing is the halving which many talk about. Have you given any thought to bitcoin halving at a rate of 3 times in the next 9 years while only seeing 2 halving's in the first 10 years. It is possible that this could change the 4 year cycle that many adhere to. I do like these videos since I am one of the one's who didn't sell and watched it go down in 2018 but over all am still up only because my first buy was in 2014.

  5. Hey Benjamin Cowen, new subscriber here. I really like what you are doing with these in-depth analyses but, I am noticing a 'trend' that you are only trying to find correlations of where prices peak. Can you do some videos where you show the opposite, coin low points and their different relationships?

  6. I really like trading long term, and completely agree with what you say about having a plan and sticking to it. I am hoping to play some of the main BTC pairings, for example swapping some BTC for LTC when it hits around its low of .004 BTC and not selling until it hits near its high at around .018-.02 BTC for a 4X BTC gain. I am more bullish on ETH though especially going into the 1st quarter.

  7. this is a very smart guy. his formula is so complicated that the average youtube idiot has zero chance of understandig it. therefore it is best not to say anything about that. instead just blabber on for 20 minutes.

  8. I would be willing to pay a subscription to have this Risk Management graph available and constantly updated to make buy and sell decisions. Please invite me if you decided to do so.

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