1. Can't wait to see this movie!

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  3. Yeah!! I'm so excited!

  4. Crypto is new way of money laundering and terror financing like it or not. its money but its not there! its fuckin invisible money and password is in a person's head. if he's dead or lost his memory he ain't getting shit neither his family. its like black hole of invisible wealth.

  5. oh god another russia bad movie

  6. Ugh, of course they'd make a movie on cryptocurrency all about how it would be used by the Russians. Good God when are they going to stop pushing this political agenda of Russian agents destroying our progressive attempts, it's becoming ridiculous.
    — How about you make a movie about how Crypto would eliminate the Global hierarchy that's been keeping the people in poverty, and held back by those who have 6 mansions they never use, 15 – million dollar cars, and yachts that cost more than 300 people's houses that would feed the world 100 times over.

  7. Anon was a good blockchain movie

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