Can Ethereum Flip BITCOIN In 2020? $ETH A Better Buy?

Ethereum could flip Bitcoin in 2020! Stealing the #1 market cap spot. It’s called the flippening and almost happened once in 2017. Bitcoin vs Ethereum, will be the most debated topics when 2020 begins. Ethereum proof of stake, scaling solutions, and the growth of DeFi could be the spark that results in a Ethereum flip surge. Although, proof of stake could also be its downfall. Bitcoin and proof of work, are actually staking something too. Energy, which is something you can never get back!

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⏰ Time Stamps ⏰
00:08 Introduction: Shills & Christmas
01:20 I’m Getting Super Bullish on Ethereum: Proof of Stake Switch
01:38 Market’s Are Saying Proof of Work Is More Valuable
02:32 Ethereum Almost Flipped Bitcoin in 2017
03:12 Flippening Watch
03:37 Ethereum Inflation with Both Proof of Stake and Proof of Work Will Be Higher Than Bitcoin’s
04:35 Ethereum Inflation Could Get Near Bitcoin’s In June of 2020
05:09 Proof of Work Is A Type of Proof of Stake: Staking Energy
06:06 The 51 Percent Attack in Proof of Work vs Proof of Stake
06:33 Cardano Answer to the Staking Pool Problem
07:05 Proof of Stake Security In Popular Altcoins
08:07 Attacking A Proof of Stake Chain: Tezos Example
08:36 Proof of Stake Control Attacks Can Be Hidden Over A Long Period of Time
09:19 Why Proof of Work and Bitcoin Is Still Better
09:48 Why Bitcoin and Ethereum Should Just Get Along: StepBrother’s
10:20 Outro: I Love & Will Miss You Wayne!

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  2. I believe Waybe had a awesome life with you! RIP!

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  9. Great video, I fully agree proof of work is way harder to pull off 51% simply due to the cost of it, while proof of stake would take longer time to do, it can be done and would be virtually unnoticed till the day of reckoning.

  10. ETH and every other crypto is doomed. Everything will consolidate on BitcoinSV. There is no competition.

  11. RIP Wayne furry fella

  12. ICOs was the only reason it came close 😉

  13. Nope and nope, but xrp will flip eth again to #3 Tron will dapp slap Eth…

  14. Correct me if I’m wrong, if 70% is staked and only 30% is available! It seems like staking, even though it’s inflated with rewards, keeps the supply in demand in check?

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  16. ETH 60%+ premined.. what a scam

  17. Very sorry to learn of Wayne's passing.

  18. Chico what website was that you used to calculate the cost of a 51% attack on bitcoin? Couldn’t tell from the video, thanks!


    Cupom de desconto: BLACKWEEK45

  20. The graph on Ethereum inflation is correct. In Phase 0, when you deposit your Eth it will get burned and you will get Eth2 in return. You cannot withdraw your Eth until Phase1 is active. Have a look:

  21. 9:17 Ethereum tries to solve this by slashing a staker's deposit once he was shown to be a bad actor

  22. 1 min 30 sec intro was kinda rough.

  23. Hey Tyler, I watched your video on XRP from a year ago. From hearing your take on it, seems as though XRP is pretty much a worthless coin. I’m just learning about all this crypto currency stuff and I had purchased some XRP out of my ignorance, because I heard a lot of great things about how it was positioned to be the next bitcoin. So, a year later, can I ask what your current thoughts are on XRP now. It is the number 2 currency, so does that account for anything? I respect your input.

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