Build Your First Blockchain App Using Ethereum Smart Contracts and Solidity

Learn how to build a blockchain app using Etherium smart contracts in this full tutorial course for beginners. You will learn how to create a todo app with Etherium smart contracts using the Solidity programming language. You will also learn to write tests, deploy to the blockchain, and create a client-side application.

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⭐️ Course Contents ⭐️
⌨️ (0:06:34) Install Dependencies
⌨️ (0:09:26) Project Setup
⌨️ (0:22:47) List Tasks
⌨️ (1:05:07) Create Tasks
⌨️ (1:16:40) Complete Tasks

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49 thoughts on “Build Your First Blockchain App Using Ethereum Smart Contracts and Solidity”

  1. Interesting demo app. Also interested to learn why would folk use blockchain tech as a random distributed db backing a web app over say Mongo?

  2. Помнишь, ты рассказывал про Cryptoda? Так вот, я попользоваться ей. Очень удобная и простая в использовании платформа по обмену криптовалют с самыми низкими курсами. Пользуйтесь, не пожалеете!

  3. I `ve been following your videos for a while. Very professional and easy to follow. The only thing I recommend is to pinpoint the possible issues that might happen during the contract writing (e.g. "keccak compilation fail " or "truffle has not been deployed to" issue.).That alone will give extra credit.

  4. Not sure how I feel about seeing a course about Solidity on FCC.

    Sure, having an introduction is always fine and it's nice to introduce new concepts to your brain, but in the context of beginners, that means potentially introducing people with no design patterns knowledge or experience, in the DApps dev world.
    Now if you're a react dev it's fine, just learn about things on the spot as you progress in your career, no big implication.
    Now with Solidity, a bad design can have security implications with big financial consequences. It's not the most robust language either, to say the least.

  5. You're also missing the big point here that's essential for beginners: context.
    Sure, smart contracts are cool, ethereum is a transaction-based state machine, the code is immutable by nature yadi yadi yada.
    But why would you NEED blockchain ? And I mean actually need, not the "hey, let's just use blockchain as a distributed db and interact with it on the client using web3 cause it's hype" kind of need.
    Here you're pretty much jumping straight on development. One thing I often like to say to beginners is "Coding is the easy part: understanding what you're building, how to break it up into smaller parts, why you're building it to start with on a higher level ,and why you're using the technologies you're using is key". Which this is 100% missing IMO.

  6. Hy ! In toggleCompleted method, why I can't I access it directly by tasks[id].completed and then setting it to !tasks[id].completed ? What's the need of declaring it's datatype as 'Task' ?

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