Analyzing Bitcoin | Are we on track for 2020?

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  1. When using the Bitcoin Network Momentum indicator, is the price of bitcoin factored in? There might not be 400,000 BTC being transferred nowadays, but what if the value is higher?

  2. Hi Nick. Fan of the channel but confused by your trading… Can I ask why you just sold all your Bitcoin on Etoro at a 10% loss?

  3. Performance Disclaimer: Past performance is not indicative of future results.

  4. Nick thank you for this video! Keeping the perspective real.

  5. Love your videos.. can you do a review about (Hbar) Hedera Hashgraph

  6. I just bought silver again. This is the bottom I believe.

  7. BTC has been futures to death……up or down…in the current realm of market exposure….no need to pump this comodity to sky high levels's done..Reality check….i mean really done!! cycles of not do not apply!…

  8. Great and thanks Nick holding up btc related matters coming up to the halving that seems like years awayπŸ‘

  9. Why would the BNM be high if individuals are just Holding for the long term? My opinion it should be low right now

  10. On volume: what I've noticed is a fractal that in certain periods you have a high in volume then it declines to a low then slowly rises again forming to a new peak and you see a curve / bowl shape in between the two peaks. I would think the same fractal is playing out in a much larger macro sense where the 2015 peak leading down to the current lows will slowly rise symmetrically to form a much much larger bowl over time where interest returns. We just don't know if we've seen the bottom of interest / volume yet and won't know for a while till we see a symmetrical pattern indicating a low and a slow rise over time.

  11. Could be left translated cycle. Or, it could be a longer cycle, surpassing 4 years. That big $14k bump could be an indicator of either. I'm thinking left translated now, but time will tell.

  12. Hi Nick, great vid as always
    an idea for a future topic might be interest rate and the widening gap for borrowing money at certain rates .. but mostly about how in 1987 and the late 1800s these are the only similar reference points for near zero rates..
    i believe we are not only heading to a 1987/1929 type crash but also due to AI and decentralization we are heading into some MAJOR shifts from our traditional economy of capitalism, as well as the financial structure..
    Tim Draper touched on this a month or so ago, but it would be interesting to get your thoughts or even his at an indepth level.. ie. possible outcomes and options left for markets and governments etc…

    thanks again for the great content!!

  13. Looks more like 2012-2014 where price went from $2-$1000, there were 2 parabolic cycles after ath. Although this time due to the larger market first one is the run to 14k and next should be a left translated peak in 2020 to 100k.

  14. I STILL can't claim my .crypto addresses on unstoppable domains.

    It says "Unclaimed" greyed out. But no button to claim.
    Any time limit for this?

  15. Unstoppable domains is a centralized service that has full control over registering the domains. Just because they use the Ethereum network does not mean they are decentralized.

    Any service that can be paid for by credit card is centralized. Decentralized services can only be paid for by tokens. The reason is that decentralized services are permissionless, ie anyone can sell the domains, not only the company who developed the service. If the company does not have a monopoly on selling the domains then they cannot charge a fee and cannot recover their development costs, unless the cost to buy the domain is paid in tokens, in which case they can allocate a large portion of tokens to themselves at the start and then slowly sell them as the price goes up.

  16. cool cat πŸ™‚

  17. Bitcoin 2 is your second chance so don't blow it invest in them while you can at $1.83 so undervalued BTC2

  18. Didn't the tether burn affect price?

  19. How about a video on alts you think will do well in 2020. You did a video similar months ago but would do one again as we are potentially getting closer to a reversal with bitcoin? And given your view might have changed in the interim period.

  20. What format is that representing the volume? When I look at BTC volume I see it going up throughout the life of BTC. It’s even higher now then when it was at 20k.
    Please explain!

  21. if annyone could help me out with some btc would be nice. 1B8SBwGEZgwFAKHfmCkbcXJcmgro5TdFQt

  22. Wouldn't you need to scale the amount of BTC being sent now vs being sent when the price was much lower? If the average Joe sends 1k worth of BTC when it's $200, then he just sent 5. But now he'd be sending like 0.08.

  23. back over $9k in or after January

  24. I'd like it if you could cover Bitcoin dollar value volume if such a figure is available. I think it is not wise to say that the volume is declining so drastically. I don't disagree that fewer Bitcoin are moving on exchanges, but I believe that the dollar valuation of the bitcoin moving on exchanges is far more relevant and significant.

  25. 200 MA is a statistical summary of actual price. It doesnt make the price do anything, such as support it. When price breaks it, "analysts" will then choose the 250 MA. This is flawed.

    Also, trendlines between two parabolic moves are meaningless. It's not a trend, just a straight line between two lows. Tends are a product of human collective psychology as price changes. There is no collective group waiting to buy two dips between two parabolic moves. No one does or did that. It's just an illusion.

    Price is moving higher as a result of: reduced supply every 4 years; and increasing demand from – Bitcoin improvements, the Lindy effect, and greater awareness.

  26. 14:46 . "Overoptimistic excitement" ? Are you perhaps referring to exuberance?

  27. Hi Nick i would like to no if u have any comments abuot sxp & dent pls let me know. thanks
    Alec from sunny South Africa

  28. If the depression erupts, what effect would that have on crypto, can anyone tell me?

  29. the Bitcoin whitepaper says Bitcoin is a peer to peer electronic cash, and that is BSV .
    BTC is not bitcoin, because segwit is a ponzi with no use whatsoever , but whatever. goodluck with your hodl brainwashing

  30. The answer is yes if we don't drop A lot below 6k ish

  31. Great analysis Nick ,definitely the most level headed in the space thanks for the update

  32. Is that volume declining in value, or in the number of coins? because if its number traded then as price rises the volume falls

  33. I like your intro.

  34. Yeah it's on track for it's next downward cycle of devaluation.😊

  35. If you own bitcoin now you would be wise to get rid of it.
    The best times are behind already for bitcoin and cryptocurrencies as well because of bitcoin.
    Good luck getting your money back from knowone.😊

  36. Cryptos created by DARPA & cia & C Banks. You need power, puter, internet. Metals are GODS money. AWAKE

  37. Expeditetools com helped me with a hacked transfer of $18,000 .I am so grateful to em for the help.

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