Amazon SECRET Facebook STRATEGIES that’ll Drive HUGE Traffic to your Shopify Store Part 2

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(Top 7 converting facebook ads, Best 30 Passionate Niches to find products, How to stage FBA launch,
Letter templates to factories and suppliers and much more…)

In the previous video, we discussed how you can build your Facebook page for your shop and how to build organic reach and likes using ‘boost post’ techniques and now let’s assume you already built it and you have enough likes and shares and comments and you have some real traffic going on your Facebook page and our next step is to monetize this traffic and to drive them to your website.

Before we get started, check out a preview of what you’ll learn today:

How to MONETIZE Traffic and DRIVE them to your Website
Save MONEY From Advertizing and use MY SECRET TRICK to drive traffic to your website!
How to connect Shopify to Facebook using a GREAT Tool – Facebook Pixel ID
How to prepare your Gift Give Away- I’ll give you some SIMPLE ideas YOU can start using RIGHT NOW
I’ll Show you an example of my ad that has a potential reach of 46 Million People!
I’ll teach you EVERYTHING you need to know about Promoting Special Featured products.

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