Almost 50% of Ripple Partners Still Unannounced!


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  1. Things are all going according to plan…..muh haw haw haw haw haw!

  2. Do you surf bro

  3. At some point these have got to be announced. Theres going to be a huge string of announcements at some point one after the other. Is it possible they are being held back for a strategy? Or they are that important (big) they cannot be announced for some reason yet? Is it possible that all the unannounced partnerships have something in common? If so what?

  4. OMG …am i the only one who think that transparency is a good thing,,,i dont like this at all…it makes me nervous,,, well xrp4ever

  5. With 150+ strategic partners including MoneyGram in the financial circuit Ripple is confident ODL will spread out like an oil stain in a very fast pace. Their focus is now pointed at the 150 other partners tjat are still disclosed under NDA because they services a complete other world that nobody has thought about yet. Mark my words, in comparison crossborder payments will be a wet fart. If you have pay attention at SWELL attendees and figure out why the next will be in London, if you find the slippage of BG in the last bloomberg interview….this is what David was talking about that is taking a little longer as he predicted when he started all this….my guess Ripple has a pleasant announcement for all hodlers mid january 2020…

  6. Ripple has more partners blah blah blah where’s the price !!!

  7. I believe it's much more than 50%.

  8. Hellspectre1 says
    3 days ago
    Has everyone forgot that Brad Garlinghouse said yesterday that the XRP price doesn't matter to him? And that it will take a decade for it to gain traction in value. That's the same reason why XRP dumped. i this true ?????

  9. Drop the bomb, man: IBM partnered with Ripple!

  10. How many of you fools fomo'd last week?! Lmfao

  11. Amazing video! great point Alex!

  12. Fuckin retort!!! 🤦‍♂️😂😂😂😂 Ripple is lying 🤥 if they have 150 customers why not say 300 customers that’s haft in business when you trying to sell something you always go the extra mile to do so when you go buy a new 🚗 the seller going to sell you a car but you going to always walk away like you got a deal 😂 but you will never get a deal!!! You never see a car-salesmen mad 😡 because he sold you a car. So who really got the deal 💭 Ripple selling y’all dreams!!! And there shit coin Xrp!!! 😂😂😂

  13. This is a classic retro oldskool 2017 pre bullrun video style

  14. My uncle works at Amazon a high level executive and he stated that Amazon is now officially a partner with ripple and they will be utilizing xrp odl he is buying xrp like crazy as you should!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Of course, that is deliberate. Exciting.

  16. Hmmm sleeper cells?

  17. That’s awesome big announcements are coming

  18. Could they be lieing about having over 300 partners?

  19. Hi all. Thanks Alex. Ripple's partnership are great but there reach goes way beyond who they sign. Don't forget Ripple has partnerships with several fintech companies that service thousands of banks IT on the back end. It's evident these partnerships are helping build the ecosystem. Enjoy the ride.

  20. man, I hope this bear market doesn't continue on much longer or else you're never cutting your hair.

  21. I Just want to say that I bet you I am the most do or die mofo I. This space lol. I tell you I’ve felt the pain of regret in life ( such as owning and selling short a Goliath. Example : Canopy Growth at 16.00 a share when I got in at 2.75!! and I’ve also felt the pain of losing or directly missing out on thousands of dollars in a few hours before. I will take the losses any day!!!!
    But I got to tell you I’ve been in on sleeping giants with the right research and that’s why I’m not going anywhere on this bitch!! ( that’s the fireside beers talking lol )
    Best to you all. Maybe we will be sharing stories on a beach in Costa Rica in a few years

  22. Ripple has over 300 customers using Ripplenet, But only 24 customers using 0DL (Formerly XRapid) That's only about 8% of their entire customer base. We probably need to see the ODL customer base increase to 34 or 35 percent of that 300, before we start seeing any kind of network effect. Come on Ripple let's go, faster faster faster. 🙂

  23. I think the CEO of stellar is manipulating the xrp market

  24. Yawn. Price will drop further after the names of the partners are announced.

  25. Cobb knows all 300 partnerships but is under an NDA! 😊

  26. I’m beginning to think that xrp holders are backward , in particular youtubers

  27. the other half are small banks founded/funded by xrp donations

  28. the known 50% did not change the price so why would the other 50% change the price? i.e. who cares?

  29. is there a more deluded community?

  30. All this without liquidity 😱 naaaaar ain’t gonna work, there’s barely $2billion in liquidity so stuff all utility, even less functionality 😏 if the 🥜 price doesn’t shift out of the 🚽 & soon this is project isn’t going anywhere 🥴

  31. Told you…. we’re headed down down down. No one give s a fuck about any real news about ripple.
    Buy in sub .18!!!!!!

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